Meetings, Chapter News, &c.,
     Of The Frontier Patriots Chapter, SAR


   A listing of the meetings that have been scheduled by the Frontier Patriots Chapter, PASSAR for the year 2023 appears below.

   Please Note: The Quarterly Meetings of the Frontier Patriots Chapter are held at various restaurants. We try to altermate between a restaurant in Blair County and one in Bedford County. Compatriot members receive a quarterly Newsletter which provides the location of the upcoming meeting. If you are not a member, but thinking about joining, and want to attend a meeting, contact Larry D. Smith at the email address at bottom of this page. No matter the location, the meetings are scheduled to begin at 12:00 noon on a Saturday. If you are a Compatriot member of the Sons of the American Revolution, please feel welcome to join us.

   The Frontier Patriots Chapter, SAR meetings are held for the benefit of the Compatriot members, but non-members are welcome to sit in if you're curious. If you are interested in joining the SAR, or if you would simply like to attend a meeting to find out more about the society, please contact the webmaster of this website for information. Send e-mail to Larry D. Smith at the email address below.

   Also Please Note: Please remember to check back here from time to time. Meeting dates and places are subject to change as necessary.

   March 11   First Quarterly Meeting

   June 10   Second Quarterly Meeting

   September 9   Third Quarterly Meeting

   December 9   Fourth Quarterly & Annual Meeting


   The Frontier Patriots Chapter is pleased to announce that the stone monument honoring the Patriots who participated in the Engagement of Frankstown has been completed and was dedicated on Saturday, 10 June 2021. The monument is located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Route 764 and Theater Drive, about two miles north of Duncansville. A bronze plaque describes the incident in which forty-four Bedford County Militia and volunteers were ambushed by a party of nearly eighty Seneca warriors led by British Lieutenant Robert Nelles and a platoon of British soldiers. The names of the known participants are included on the plaque. There is parking space available beside the monument, so please visit it if you can.

   The officers for the Frontier Patriots Chapter for 2023 have been included on the webpage titled: 'Officers'. It can be accessed using the following link:

  Check out the page titled Newsletters for pdf files of every newsletter issued to the Compatriot members of the Frontier Patriots Chapter since 1991. Every effort is made to keep that page up-to-date.

  A history of the Chapter has been completed to date and can be accessed on this website using the following link:

   The book, Mother Bedford And The American Revolutionary War might still be available for purchase from Closson Press. This history of Bedford County during the American Revolutionary War is the definitive history of the subject. Much of the information contained on the website was derived from the book. But the book contains so much more that could not be fit on the website. Every document to be found in the public archives pertaining to Bedford County during the American Revolutionary War period is transcribed in the book. Ordering information is available at the Closson Press website.

   During a week period coinciding with the 200th Anniversary of the death of George Washington, the Mother Bedford home page bore a banner graphic in memory of our nation's first Commander In Chief. The essays that were prepared for the Chapter newsletter during 1999 were created as web pages on the Mother Bedford website. If you would like to view them, simply click on the following link:

   The various essays produced for the Frontier Patriots Chapter's Newsletter under the title of A Chronology Of The American Revolutionary War have been reproduced on the Mother Bedford website. I will be uploading new essays as they are produced. If you want to view the Chronology, simply click on the following link:

   For additional information, contact: Larry D. Smith at: ()